Jay Towell- Director; School Nutrition Department


"Over the past several years, I have had the opportunity to work with CounterCraft on many projects. I was first introduced to CounterCraft many years ago while attending the TASN show at the EPI booth. When I observed the serving line counter on display, I immediately was not only impressed, but very intrigued to become more educated about CounterCraft and I was not disappointed.

While reviewing the line at the TASN show, I crawled under the counter in a suit to observe the corner welds and overall construction. The workmanship was immediately evident, and the care and quality of a well-constructed line was also very evident. The line aesthetics are very attractive, and the custom fabrication is designed and manufactured to the specifications correctly the first time.

Although the quality of construction and craftsmanship are extremely important in any project, what sets a company or organization apart is the customer service and accessibility to communicate effectively. CounterCraft communicates very effectively and are very accessible and will go to any length to answer any questions. The installations have all been seamless and I have not experienced any concerns. I can say without hesitation that I have never had a negative experience with CounterCraft, and they have always followed through with a project and have always performed at a very high level in all areas. For the most recent bonds that passed in 2013 & 2018, I have exclusively specified CounterCraft for all projects in both bonds.

I am very glad to recommend to any Director or any decision maker that is considering a serving line in their business to contact CounterCraft, you will not be disappointed."