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CounterCraft craftsman

CounterCraft™ Modular Custom™ models are mobile, interchangeable, and interlocking with interconnecting utilities.  Our one-piece Custom Series can have all requirements in one counter or can have separate stations for each service.  Both can be curved or straight using the finest materials available.  We firmly believe that there are no limitations to creative design and we will work with you to meet any challenges your plan may present.

Our newest innovation is our HotFrost™ merchandiser sized to accommodate 18” x 26” sheet pans.  HotFrost™ tiers can be configured in any combination of hot/hot, frost/frost, or hot/frost.  Also available is the dual mode option where individual tiers can be converted from frost to heat with the flip of a switch.

The dedicated team of engineers and craftsmen has decades of experience in their respective fields. Our expertise and vision are sure to be a winning combination for you. We have no doubt that once you have seen the results of that collaboration, as depicted here in our website, you too will be as excited as we are about our custom products!